So what’s up with the BeePlus rating?

rated bee-plus by honeydoodlesWell, it’s like this. At Honeydoodles, we’re big on people taking a responsible approach to life, the planet they share with the rest of us, and treating others with the respect and dignity they deserve. We’re seven billion people – living in a finite space – facing some real challenges that will impact our kids in ways we can only imagine.

We’re all in this together whether we like it (or each other) or not.

What’s the BeePlus rating criteria?

We keep an eye out for articles about people, organizations, ideas, or products that fit in with our beekeeping philosophy. If we run across a practical product, innovative idea, sustainable practice or human interest story that speaks to us, we apply our patented Honeydoodles criteria algorithm:

  • Is this likely to have a positive or neutral impact on the planet?
  • Would more of this be a good thing?
  • Does this add to the sum total of human happiness?

Who receives our BeePlus rating?

We feel individuals, organizations and businesses that are clearly “team players” in the big scheme of things deserve recognition for their efforts. There are no hard and fast rules, but two or more “yes” answers usually earns a Honeydoodles BeePlus rating.

Is BeePlus our highest rating?

Uh…..yeah. The Aardvarkeepers have dibs on AaPlus.

Please tell us when we’re wrong

We do our best to make sure we get it right, but sometimes, stuff happens that can change the water on the beans – unbeknownst to us. We won’t knowingly reward bad behaviour. If you know something we don’t – please let us know so we can re-evaluate our rating.