Add your personal message to T-shirts, mugs, cards and more!

Many products featured or advertised at Honeydoodles and sold through can be customized. You can add your own personal text message, names and even pictures.

Customizable features* include:

  • Text message – Add/Delete text to suit your taste or occasion
  • Font & Colors – Select Font Style/Size/Color
  • Background Colors – Select from the palette or enter a hex# color
  • Pictures/Graphics – upload your own graphics or picture
  • * Varies by product


    It’s Easy to Personalize Any Type of Product

    You follow the same basic steps no matter whether you’re personalizing a mug, T-shirt or any other Zazzle products. Some products may have more or fewer options depending on the how the seller has set up the customization. Some products may not have any customization options at all.

    If you want to customize a Zazzle product just follow our Quick Reference Guide below.


    START by Clicking on the “Customize it! button

    (If you don’t see the button under the product image – the product cannot be customized.)

    zazzle product customization button

    These are the main editing tools

    Be sure to select “Art view” to enable more flexibility with drag and drop features.

    zazzle customization screen layout

    Play with the editing tools

    Take a few minutes to play around with the customization on a random product – it’s OK – you can’t break it and you don’t have to buy it! If you want to start over, just click “revert” beside the save button to restore everything to the way it first appeared.

    Add your own images

    It’s easy to add your own images to personalize your product. Start by clicking on the “Add images” button and follow the instructions to uplad images from your computer. Higher resolution images work best (200-300 pixels per inch (ppi) for most items)



    Pick your favorite fonts and colors

    You can try variations of colors for fonts and backgrounds. Select the text you want to change and click on the appropriate text tool. “Background” color and other options are accessed by clicking the “Edit” drop down menu. You’ll find options for resizing and rotating elements in the “Arrange” drop down menu.

    zazzle text tools

    how to change text color

    how to change text font

    The cross with the arrows is a positioning tool – clicking on the “bullseye” will centre any selected element. You can also drag your selection with the mouse.

    how to add text

    Purchase your customized products

    Once you’ve finished personalizing the design, click on “Product view” in the upper left to see how your final design will look on your cards, mug, t-shirt, etc. If you’re happy with your design, click “save”. Select a “style” (if there are options) fill in the quantity you want and click “Add to cart”.

    complete your zazzle purchase

    The Zazzle elves will guide you the rest of the way.

    Have fun.

    bees on yellow hive business cards
    bees on yellow hive business cards by dutchinny
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