Honeydoodles_AvatarKeeping honeybees is a weird and wonderful hobby, as well as crucial to our food supply. It used to be considered purely an agricultural business or a hobby for people living in rural areas. More and more cities are recognizing the advantages of sustainable beekeeping and are allowing residents to keep honeybees in their backyards and on rooftops. Yay!

If you’re a Beekeeper you MUST have a sense of humour. It’s the rules.

Well OK, we wish it was a rule :-).

For sure, it’s a rule at Honeydoodles.com – and our primary purpose for being here.

The Honeydoodles Brand

While we do present a wide variety of gift and novelty products for beekeepers from many sources, all products for sale in the Honeydoodles.com Zazzle store are original designs and concepts – created and owned by Honeydoodles.com.

If you wish to share these designs, there are two ways to legally use our images on your website, blog, facebook page, etc.

1. Product images may be distributed or displayed electronically under the Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-ND (non-commercial – no derivitives) use.

Attribution – Honeydoodles.com (with link to http://zazzle.com/honeydoodles). See Zazzle User Agreement.

2. Posting a product link from the Honeydoodles Zazzle store. If you register for the affiliate program, you’ll receive a 15% referral fee on any sales of zazzle products that result from your link. You can learn more about the affiliate program here.

Licencing for Commercial Use

We will consider proposals for licensing or syndication of cartoons and artwork for print, television or digital media. Inquiries can be made through our Contact page.

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