Up on the Roof

“Up on the Roof” was a big hit for The Drifters in 1962 and it’s the earworm that pops into my head whenever I see pictures of rooftop beekeepers doing their thing.

But it’s not really an earworm because it’s a catchy little tune that carries me into that zen-type beekeeping place in my mind – far away from the daily grind. If you’ve never heard it, you should check it out.

It gives me real hope for the future to see more and more cities opening up their minds and skies to enable and support sustainable urban beekeeping.

While our hives are firmly planted on the ground, tucked into the corner of the yard, I sometimes think about how neat it must be up there, looking out over the city and imagining where your “girls” are going every day.

And then, of course, the song starts to play in my head…


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