The Unbearable Likeness of Beekeeping

There’s tons of beekeeping information on the intertubes these days, but there’s no better way for new beekeepers to learn about bees than to attend field days.

What’s a field day?

Many local beekeeping organizations arrange field days where experienced beekeepers team up with novices in someone’s apiary to “look under the hood”, share their knowledge, and answer questions.

In our early days, the queen beekeeper and I were thrilled to tag along with a small-scale commercial beekeeper from our local organization, and the experience was invaluable. We quickly learned to identify diseases like AFB, chalkbrood and nosema, make splits with swarm cells, paint queens, and treat for mites.

Once we gained more experience (and colonies), we began hosting field days each spring, passing our experience on to new beekeepers who join our association over the winter. It’s a great way share your experiences, an excellent way to get to know everyone better, and whole bunch of fun.



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