The 50-Hour Beehive Candle

Candles are always handy to have on hand – whether it’s to shed some light during a blackout or set the mood for a cozy evening with friends and family.

The 50-Hour Beehive Candle – by Candle by the Hour is a truly beautiful beekeeper-themed gift and immediately caught our attention.

Product Features

  • Self-extinguishes when flame reaches the clip
  • This candle beehive burns for 50 hours
  • Made out of 100-percent beeswax
  • Metal stand with a creative beehive shape mold
  • Unique design that is both rustic and innovative

According to the Product Description at Amazon:

Candle by the Hour beehive candle is easy to use and lasts hours upon hours. Merely place the beeswax coil through the spring loaded clip in increments of 3 inches or less. Each three inches of candle wax will burn approximately one hour. The beehive design is creative and fun, giving any room the perfect touch.

Amazon carries Candle by the Hour in a wide range of designs as well as beeswax candle refills.


Reviews of the various designs are mostly favourable with the most common complaint being substandard packaging to use for a gift. Some people have repackaged these candles for gift giving.