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BeeMate Beekeeping Work Bench – Build One or Buy One

BeeMate Beekeeping Work Bench - Build One  or Buy OneArticles

Now this looks like a good idea – a work bench custom-designed for beekeeping! This unique work bench was designed by a Canadian beekeeper and these woodworking plans are available from It’s 18 inches high and gives you somewhere to rest hive supers, & nuc boxes – it’s even designed to hold frames of […]

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Beehive Coin Bank – Woodworking Plans

Beehive Coin Bank - Woodworking PlansFeatured Gifts

Seems to me that a fair proportion of beekeepers are also woodworkers. You can count me in that group for sure. So this item caught my eye right away – DIY woodworking plans to build a “piggy bank” that looks exactly like a miniature Langstroth beehive. Fun meets functional!

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