Put Your Honey Where Your Mouth Is!

I like honey because it tastes so good and my “girls” usually come through for me each summer to support my habit.

In tea, on toast, as a glaze on chicken or pork, you name it – I’ll eat it.

Who’d think that something that tastes so darn good would also be good for you? And besides eating it, you can smear it all over yourself for medicinal purposes too.

Paul over at Life Hackery has a list of “15 Unconventional Uses for Honey” ranging from moisturizing skin and soothing burns to calming your nerves and getting rid of those nasty worms (yup, it’s #10).

Some of these claims may be true and some could be old wives tales.

The one thing I know for sure is that you can’t go wrong when you put your honey where your mouth is.



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