Geek Beekeeping: Part 1 – System Overview

I have to fess up – keeping bees was not my idea.

The “queen bee” of our house floated the idea that she’d like to get a nuc back in 1999. I knew absolutely nothing about honeybees but agreed to “help” her, without actually committing to getting up close and personal with them.

Since she was the keener, it was her job to look after the bees, figure out what was happening and what needed doing, then tell me what I could do. It started with me assembling frames and painting supers.

Of course, as the seasons changed and the years passed, my knowledge and participation increased along with the number of colonies in the yard. By mutual agreement, she still takes the lead when we’re working with the bees and I look after the equipment.

The parallel with how we deal with our computer systems struck me a few ago – she knows her way around the software and I look after the hardware.


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