Geek Beekeeping 2.1 – Swapping Out Cards

Managing a complex system, comprised of thousands of integrated components designed to operate as a functional unit, is a challenge. Both beekeepers & geeks know that the viability of the entire system relies on a critical component – the “motherboard“.

We routinely open up hardware to swap components between systems or to increase the storage capacity for optimal performance. If we know our way around, we can do it without damaging the system.

The fuzzy logic of beekeeping

Open up a computer and ask a geek to point to the CPU on the motherboard and they’ll nail it in three seconds flat.

Beekeepers have to approach this differently.

As a beekeeper, you need to apply “fuzzy logic, to determine why and where to begin the search for your target. If you’re lucky enough to actually see her – congratulations! You’ve found the motherboard

…this time.




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