Urban Beekeeper

Urban Beekeeper Beekeeping isn’t just for country folks any more – celebrate your big-city beekeep-i-ness!

Seldom Fools Apiculture and the Sustainable Revolution

Seldom Fools Apiculture and the Sustainable RevolutionArticles

Beekeepers Greg Hounsell and Gord Campbell, of Seldom Fools Apiculture are certainly no fools in our eyes. Their unconventional approach to sustainable beekeeping makes a lot of sense at a time when bees of all types are showing signs of stress and declining populations. So what’s their approach?

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Urban Beekeepers to the Rescue

Urban Beekeepers to the RescueArticles

Hurricane Irene had diminished to a tropical storm by the time she made landfall in New York City on August 28th, 2011, but she still packed a wallop that will be remembered for a long time. I have to admit I was totally caught by surprise when one of the top news stories of the […]

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Up on the Roof

Up on the RoofArticles

“Up on the Roof” was a big hit for The Drifters in 1962 and it’s the earworm that pops into my head whenever I see pictures of rooftop beekeepers doing their thing. But it’s not really an earworm because it’s a catchy little tune that carries me into that zen-type beekeeping place in my mind […]

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