Featured Gift Ideas

80 hour honey pot candleOur Featured Gift Ideas focus on a particular product or product line that’s unique, off the wall, or appears to be good value. We haven’t tried these products but we do read customer reviews when they exist and only feature products that receive generally favourable reviews. Be sure to check out our “Top Picks Lists” – where we showcase some of our favourite t-shirts, mugs and other items that we’ve found in our travels.

Beehive Coin Bank – Woodworking Plans

Beehive Coin Bank - Woodworking PlansFeatured Gifts

Seems to me that a fair proportion of beekeepers are also woodworkers. You can count me in that group for sure. So this item caught my eye right away – DIY woodworking plans to build a “piggy bank” that looks exactly like a miniature Langstroth beehive. Fun meets functional!

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Donation – Giving the Gift of Bees

Donation - Giving the Gift of BeesArticles

Did you know that you can give honeybees as gift? Actually it’s a much-needed investment in beekeepers in developing countries. And here’s the great part – you can make your donation as a gift in the name of that hard-to-buy-for beekeeper. If you’re a beekeeper, well…you may want to do this because it’s a wonderful […]

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The 50-Hour Beehive Candle

The 50-Hour Beehive CandleFeatured Gifts

Candles are always handy to have on hand – whether it’s to shed some light during a blackout or set the mood for a cozy evening with friends and family. The 50-Hour Beehive Candle – by Candle by the Hour is a truly beautiful beekeeper-themed gift and immediately caught our attention.

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Beekeepers do it with their Honey

Beekeepers do it with their HoneyBeekeeping Cartoons

Honey is the golden payoff for months of hard work – by both the honeybees and the beekeeper. Once the bees have capped off the combs, it’s time for the beekeeper to get to the task of extracting the honey from the frames, straining it to remove bits of wax and bottling it to sell […]

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