Articles about Beekeeping

With CCD and declining wild bee populations, more beekeepers now recognize the wisdom of adopting sustainable beekeeping practices to protect our most valuable pollinators. We like to encourage and acknowledge the efforts of the global beekeeping community and highlight educational initiatives for future beekeepers.

A selection of relevant gift items that we feel may be of interest or amusement are included with these articles.

Honeybees feed Yous & Mees

Honeybees feed Yous & MeesArticles

It’s been five years since the phenomena now known as Colony Collapse Disorder was reported by a Pennsylvania beekeeper overwintering bees in Florida. One positive result of the media attention that swirled around CCD has been the heightened awareness by the general public that honeybees are a vital part of our food chain.

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When Drones Get Lucky

When Drones Get LuckyArticles

They can’t sting… they don’t gather nectar… they don’t make wax… So what EXACTLY is it that honeybee drones do?

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Geek Beekeeping: Part 1 – System Overview

Geek Beekeeping: Part 1 - System OverviewArticles

I have to fess up – keeping bees was not my idea. The “queen bee” of our house floated the idea that she’d like to get a nuc back in 1999. I knew absolutely nothing about honeybees but agreed to “help” her, without actually committing to getting up close and personal with them.

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Put Your Honey Where Your Mouth Is!

Put Your Honey Where Your Mouth Is!Articles

I like honey because it tastes so good and my “girls” usually come through for me each summer to support my habit. In tea, on toast, as a glaze on chicken or pork, you name it – I’ll eat it.

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Up on the Roof

Up on the RoofArticles

“Up on the Roof” was a big hit for The Drifters in 1962 and it’s the earworm that pops into my head whenever I see pictures of rooftop beekeepers doing their thing. But it’s not really an earworm because it’s a catchy little tune that carries me into that zen-type beekeeping place in my mind […]

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Christmas Eve in the Hive

Christmas Eve in the HiveArticles

T’was the night before Christmas, and … naaaah, I’m not going down that road. Sometimes, you know, your mind just takes off in some stupid direction and you can’t fight it. Well, you can, but I think it’s more fun to just buckle yourself in and go along for the ride.

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