Bees in Music – Side B: “Bee” Bands

The music groups that have taken on a bee-themed name cover the musical spectrum from playing “olde tyme” Polka music to the Glam metal of the Sleeze Beez.

As a musician whose played in more than a few bands, let me just say that coming up with a good name that all the band members agree on isn’t a simple as you might think. It could come out of desperation, from a little slip of paper drawn from a hat or a joke comment at a 3am practice. It matters because it’s the group’s “brand”.

Imagine if the Beatles had gone with two “e”‘s.

A Cluster of “Honeybees”

Predictably, there are or have been several groups called “The Honeybees” over the years. If you’re itching to book “The Honeybees” for a gig, be sure to ask for a demo so you’ll know who you’re getting.

Are you looking for the’60’s Doo-wop Honey Bees?

Or the four-part hair curlered harmonizers perkily singing the praises of Folgers coffee?

If Rockabilly is more your thing then you should check out “The Honeybees”


Even Gilligan’s Island had an episode that featured Mrs Howell, Ginger and Mary Ann performing as “The Honeybees”

How ’bout a bit of ’70s funk from Ghana by the slightly less common Honey and the Bees?

One thing’s for sure – you absolutely should give a listen to “The Bees” (UK) aka – Band of Bees (US)


Gimme a “Z”

I just knew I was going to find a raft of names using the “gimmick” spelling of substituting a Z for the S in an effort to be “original”. And so we have:

The Beez Kneez Jazz Band – complete with yellow golf shirts with bee stripes on the sleeves

The King Beez playing Blues & R&B based in Memphis

The King Beezz – This Edmondton Alberta Band went whole hog, using double zz’s

The Honey Beez – another all female “wannabee” band

Honey & the Killer Beez – Just another bar band

And that brings us to the Sleeze Beez – which are pretty much as advertised.

(This video includes a Gene Simmons cameo appearance)


Cause-related bee videos

Now these aren’t “bands” but they do fit into the performance category.

These rap/dance videos were created with the good intention of raising public awareness of the importance of honeybees in our food chain. This breakdance video sponsored by Haagen-Dazs is kind of entertaining but I have to say the “Do the Honeybee” video weirds me out.

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