BeeMate Beekeeping Work Bench – Build One or Buy One

Now this looks like a good idea – a work bench custom-designed for beekeeping!

This unique work bench was designed by a Canadian beekeeper and these woodworking plans are available from

It’s 18 inches high and gives you somewhere to rest hive supers, & nuc boxes – it’s even designed to hold frames of bees and honey so you don’t have to set them down in the grass or lean them against the hive stand.

You can also use it in your shop when you’re cleaning up equipment and assembling frames and foundation.

According to the Stonehaven Life site:

  • it folds to 4″ deep for storage
  • you can build one with just a table saw and electric drill
  • 8 page downloadable plans
    Plans are US $5.95

    Now You Can Buy a Ready-made BeeMate

    The BeeMate can now be purchased ready-to-assemble or fully assembled from these Licensed US Manufacturers:

    Little Creek Bee Ranch – Inola, Oklahoma

    Shamrock’s Buzzy Bee – Four Oaks, North Carolina

    Business Opportunity! Do you want to build and sell BeeMates?

    Stonehaven life is now offering licensing for beekeeper/woodworkers to manufacture the BeeMate beekeeping workbench to sell to beekeepers who can’t build their own.

    Check out the BEE-Mate Beekeeping Work Bench video

    I love the last shot in the video where the beekeepers use the work bench as a table for lunch – now that’s multi-purpose!