25 Funny T-shirts for Beekeepers

T-shirts are one of the most popular gifts for beekeepers. We all need to have a laugh now and then and the beekeepers I know love to share their knowledge about bees. A bee-theme T-shirt makes a great conversation starter.

Here are 25 of our favourite funny Beekeeping T-shirts.

“The Pollinator” T-shirt

This is our most popular Honeydoodles cartoon T-shirt design.

It’s available in most sizes & styles of light colour shirts.

  • Long or short sleeves
  • Mens – Small to 6XL
  • Womens – Small to 4XL
  • Kids – S-M-L



    “I’m Taking a Bee Day” T-shirt

    Sometimes you just have to go with flow and indulge yourself with some “apitherapy“.

    Caption: “I’m Taking a Bee Day… I told the boss I have hives!

    Available on light colours only. Long or short sleeve.
    Mens, Womens & Kids sizes.



    “Beekeepers do it with
    their HONEY” T-shirt

    Naughty & Fun Honeydoodles cartoon featuring a honey bear that just can’t resist taking a peek.

    Caption: Beekeepers do it with their Honey

    A great gift for your favourite beekeeper. Long or short sleeve. Mens & Womens sizes.



    Geek’s Guide to Beekeeping:
    Part 1 – Apis System Overview

    This is the first in a multi-part series that makes a tongue-in-cheek comparison between computers and beehives.

    This series is available in Black and yellow on white and Taupe and Grey on Black. Mens and womens sizes.

    See other designs in the “Geek’s Guide to Beekeeping” series.


    “When drones get lucky” T-shirt

    Beekeepers know that drones serve one purpose in the hive – to mate with a virgin queen. This Honeydoodles cartoon shows the unfortunate conclusion to a successful mating flight.

    Caption: “When drones get lucky”

    Available on light colours only. Long or short sleeve.
    Mens, Womens sizes.



    “Swarm & Honey” T-shirt

    As any beekeeper knows, you’re likely to have one or the other of these occurrances this summer- and possibly both – depending on the weather. Welcome to summer!

    Caption: “the Beekeepers summer – Swarm & Honey”

    Available on light colours only. Long or short sleeve.
    Mens, Womens sizes.



    “Beethoven” T-shirt

    This tongue in cheek reference to the famous composer celebrates both bees and music.

    Everyone will get a kick out of this one!

    Beethoven (customizable).
    Have some fun and add your own.

    Available on light or dark clothing. Long or short sleeve.
    Mens, Womens sizes.